The Store to Door community epitomizes our values of nourishment, connection, and dignity.

U.S. Bank and other partner organizations are integral to Store to Door’s program success. Many of our most involved volunteers and supporters first connect with our organization through the encouragement and referral of their employer.  

Chris, father and U.S. Bank employee, attributes beginning his involvement with Store to Door to U.S. Bank. “The company actually is very encouraging of getting people to get involved. They actually pay for us to go and volunteer up to 16 hours a year to volunteer with any organization that that we want to connect with,” he explained. “So, you kind of dip your toe in, you know like hey, this was fun!  This felt good! I liked this. And by the time you get to those 16 hours, you’re kind of starting to get involved in a way where…well I might as well keep doing this a little bit more.” 

 70% of corporate volunteers believe volunteerism boosts morale more than company mixers, according to a 2017 Deloitte Volunteer Impact Research survey. 

Chris’s experience volunteer shopping at the Beaverton store supports this figure. “My team of people I work with at U.S. bank […] set an early goal on how many hours we want to volunteer for the year. We’ve already met that goal for our entire year…well, let’s keep going! Let’s double the goal!” Since then, Chris has enthusiastically brought more of his teammates into the fun. 

Many volunteers report how easy Store to Door’s programs are to jump into. Coupled with the team building and ease of the program, Chris underscores the impact of volunteering outside of his team. Since he began volunteering with Store to Door years ago, Chris had a daughter, Layla, who at age 10 now joins Chris with shopping for clients. Layla is already incredibly active in volunteering in her community, from picking up trash around her neighborhood, to shopping for Store to Door’s housebound clients.  

Chris acknowledges that shopping is “very easy for us and we enjoy it, but someone else might not have that luxury and I think that’s where it’s impactful. To make sure that that’s always in the back of our mind that this is this is serving somebody else, and those acts of service feel good.” For Layla, it’s “that spirit of service,” that her dad says is “taking hold and it’s just something that is a part of who she is.” Volunteering is how Layla and Chris embody dignity, empowered by U.S. Bank. 

In addition to giving a financial incentive to their employees like Chris to volunteer, U.S. Bank also broadly encourages other types of philanthropic involvement. U.S. Bank, offers a matching gift program, like 9/10 companies nationwide according to This means that when Chris or one of their employees donates to Store to Door, the company will contribute the same amount, effectively doubling the impact.  

To make an even larger impact, U.S. Bank Private Wealth Management has committed to matching the next $1,500 raised during our campaign this week! 

You can keep our volunteer program running by donating to our Stories of Strength fundraising campaign today—and don’t forget to use the tool on our donation form to check if your employer will match your gift! Your support is urgently needed- and your impact may ripple out to your colleagues, friends, parents, even your employer!