Sharon, Store to Door Client

2021 was our 32nd year of providing grocery deliveries and social connections to sustain independence for homebound seniors and adults living with disabilities.

As we continue to experience the global COVID-19 pandemic, the need for our services has never been higher. The incredible response of our community allows our program to break grocery delivery records while maintaining the high level of service our clients deserve. We are so grateful for  your partnership in this important work, and for your generosity in supporting our clients during these challenging times!

I wish I had the words to express my gratitude for your care and concern to make it possible to stay in my home. The thought of ending up in an institution is more frightening than I care to think about. My prayer for each of you, when the time comes, there will be a "Store to Door" to help keep you in your home.

In 2021, we also relaunched our free Food Box program for our lowest-income clients in partnership with the community-based Portland Open Bible Community Pantry. This innovative and new partnership allows us to call clients and customize the food items based on availability and client preferences. After our successful pilot in November and December, we are scaling up this program in 2022 with the goal of serving 100 clients each month.

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Diane, Store to Door Client

In addition to making more grocery deliveries, our engaging Friendly Caller program gained popularity in 2021 among clients and volunteers alike. Through weekly calls by volunteers, we reduced the social isolation that many clients felt because of COVID-19. We actively helped connect our homebound clients with other community services to bolster their independence. For example, when vaccines became available in early 2021, we partnered with The Madeleine Parish to connect them with vaccine appointments and information.

If you received a print version of this report, you might notice an update: for clarity, we’ve added program income to our revenue chart.

Thank you for being part of Store to Door’s resilient and critical impact in 2021, bringing nourishment and connection to some of our most vulnerable community members. We welcome your continued partnership to help us sustain independent living for homebound seniors and people living with disabilities!

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