Become a monthly donor to Store to Door to become a part of our Nourishing Circle; our wonderful community of regular donors who sustain our program with long-term, predictable support. Visit to sign up for monthly giving today!

Store to Door has been bringing together different generations of neighbors in the Portland Metro area since 1989 with a shared goal: taking care of one another. The program started small, a few folks shopping for neighbors that were not able to do their own grocery shopping.

In the 33 years since Store to Door’s founding, our community has grown in service area, number of neighbors served, and in the scope of needs being fulfilled by the Store to Door Community.  

Our housebound neighbors often live on tighter budgets, making it a stretch to cover food costs over the month. So, Store to Door partnered with a food pantry to give free customizable food boxes to those most in need. 

Like all of us, our homebound neighbors have experienced heightened social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, Store to Door created our Friendly Caller Program- connecting and cultivating more relationships and care. Additionally, there are more homebound members of our community in need than ever before. So, we have increased our service to deliver 40% more grocery deliveries in the past 3 years. 

The Store to Door community is there for our aging neighbors, for our aging parents, for our grandparents.   

We need you. Individual donors are integral to caring for each othertaking care of our clients. We need your help to plan ahead to take care of each other. Relying on annual campaigns to meet our budgetary needs is challenging and can be unpredictable.  

Meet our Nourishing Circle. This group of donors contribute what they can every month. Our monthly recurring donors are our rocks- ensuring that we will always be able to provide nourishment, connection, and dignity to our housebound community. Becoming a Nourishing Circle member is easy and has a lasting impact. 

Lynn Geis, Nourishing Circle member, shares our values. “I have supported Store to Door since, gosh, 2006 at least! About two years ago, I became a Nourishing Circle member to stay connected and contribute year-round by donating to [Store to Door’s] mission on a monthly basis. It feels so good to know that all of us who give monthly, even what I think is a small amount, make a difference and help Store to Door thrive!”  

Join our Nourishing Circle today to commit to caring and help us sustain our work.