This month, we caught up with Barbra and Lynda Bader, who connected with Store to Door in 2019, and have since given more than 180 hours of volunteer time each! We are so glad to have the ‘Bader Babes’ (Their own nickname!) as a part of the Store to Door community, and thank them for their deep commitment to our clients and our mission!

Q: How did you hear about Store to Door?
A: Our friend, Diane, has volunteered with Store to Door for many years.  She used to tell us stories about the time she spent talking to clients, taking their orders, and shopping.  We were both looking for new volunteer opportunities, so we decided to give shopping for Store-to-Door a try.  We were so impressed with the organization and its people that Lynda decided to volunteer as an order taker and friendly caller.

Q: Barbra, you are a regular shopping at Beaverton – what keeps you coming back?
A: Knowing what a vital service Store-to-Door provides and the incredible, fun, and welcoming team of staff members that I get to work with is also a compelling reason.  Every week is different, and I look forward to the ‘treasure hunt’ of finding the often hard-to-find items on clients’ orders.

Q: Lynda, as an order taker, what do you enjoy most about calling our clients every week?
A: The clients are so appreciative of Store-to-Door’s service.  My clients encompass a wide range of financial and physical circumstances. Still, every one of them has said several times that they don’t know what they would do without the opportunity to get the groceries they want and to change up their requests as their food and moods change.

Q: What does being a Store to Door volunteer mean to you?
A: From Lynda:  I look forward to my Monday calls and know that my folks look forward to hearing from me, too.  Often the order-taking is secondary to the relationships we’re building. 

Q: What is a fun fact about your sister?
A: Lynda is a breast cancer survivor; shortly before her diagnosis, she became involved with Breast Friends. Lynda is in charge of the annual golf tournament to raise funds to provide resources and support individuals going through breast and ovarian cancer.
A: Barbra has been a volunteer at the Oregon Humane Society for 30+ years.  Several years ago, she was presented with their Lifetime Achievement Award.