Dawn Trimble

This month, we chatted with longtime shopper and checker Dawn Trimble! A regular volunteer at our Hollywood Fred Meyer shopping location, Dawn has given more than 470 hours since connecting with Store to Door in 2017—and who knew that we had a movie star in our midst!

Q: How did you first get involved with Store to Door?

A: A friend of mine volunteered with Store to Door and told me how much she enjoyed her weekly shopping shift.  At the time I was still working so I mentally filed the information away. After I retired, I was looking for something to get me out of the house that could be helpful in the community. I checked out Store to Door’s website and signed up for an introductory shopping shift. I’ve been volunteering nearly every week since.

Q: What keeps you busy when you are not volunteering with Store to Door?

A: My husband and I have three grandsons here in Portland and we see them as often as we can. Pre-Covid we were volunteers with the SMART reading program at Creston Elementary School. We hope to get back to that soon. We also enjoy staying physically active. Covid has curtailed some of our activities, but we still get out for an hour walk everyday, rain or shine! I’m a big reader and always have at least one book going.

Q: What is something that your fellow volunteers would be surprised to know about you?

A: I appeared in a locally filmed movie as a prop!  My niece was a producer on the film, and they needed someone to appear in a photo as the mother of the lead male actor (Chris Klein) for a law school graduation picture.  Even though I was just a prop for the opening scene, I was given a listing in the credits.

Q: What would you tell someone who is thinking of volunteering with Store to Door?

A: DO IT!! It is an incredibly easy and satisfying way to help members of our community maintain their independence and connection to the wider world.  Most of us shop routinely, so it’s not a difficult task to take on. It even turns into a bit of a scavenger hunt at times. If you don’t like to shop, there are several other ways to participate. As volunteers, we also get to meet others who share the desire to help. It’s important to give where we can.