Store to Door Volunteer Dawn first connected with our program after a fellow Umpqua Bank employee posted about volunteering as a Friendly Caller in a company chat channel. After following up for more information, Dawn joined our Friendly Caller program—and she continues calling many of the same clients from her initial list!

Dawn, like many of our volunteers, has come to deeply value the connections she has built with the client she serves, particularly during the increased isolation we have all felt during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I feel a strong connection with the friendly caller program because that’s what I do, but it’s where we’re able to help others navigate through all of this who have nobody else to come back home,” Dawn says. “Those kinds of things, I think, transcend the traditional volunteering because we really are helping them wherever where we are, and that’s what’s great.

Umpqua Bank, like many of our other corporate partners, supports employee philanthropic efforts with both a matching gift program and paid volunteer time each year. The flexibility and remote nature of her Store to Door volunteer work were a perfect fit early on for Dawn, who makes her regular calls each Friday as she works from home.

Store to Door’s work supporting independent living for homebound members of our community would not be possible without the partnership of volunteers like Dawn. We are deeply grateful for her commitment to sustaining the clients she serves—and to Umpqua bank for supporting employees like Dawn in their philanthropic efforts!

We hope you will join Dawn in supporting homebound members of our community with a gift to our Stories of Strength campaign today!