Kathleen grew up in a military family. Service was an act and a mindset embedded into her life from a young age, and as a result Kathleen has worn many hats. She has been an archeologist, a physician’s assistant, volunteered with the Historical Society, and is an avid golfer. “[I’ve] changed my life a few times,” Kathleen says—but a common thread throughout her many careers and hobbies is nourishment and service.  

Now, active as ever in retirement, Kathleen continues to engage in acts of service. One of her core beliefs is, “if you don’t have food or shelter you can’t live.” It is this alignment with Store to Door’s mission that first connected with her, and led her to volunteer as a shopper at the Hollywood Fred Meyer.  

 “[Volunteering] affects me because I get to see other people. And because I’m being of service… helping other people get their food which is important,” Kathleen says. She also highlights that Store to Door “takes credit cards and SNAP.  I think that’s very cool […] because it’s more inclusive.” 

Store to Door is the only nonprofit in Oregon authorized to use SNAP benefits on behalf of clients, giving them larger purchasing power for essential goods. This enables greater access to the food clients want and allows them to age with greater comfort in their setting of choice. 

While Kathleen identifies herself as an introvert, she enjoys numerous connections that have formed during her retirement through golfing, catching up with friends over breakfast, and volunteering. She explains, “Going to the store every week, I know that there are certain people that I’m going to see that I’ve become friendly with and there are‘s always new people… 

They’re very different people than people I have in my regular day-to-day life.”  

Kathleen’s perspective is a great reminder of the diversity of the Store to Door community: composed of folks from all backgrounds, forming connections through service.  

You can support Store to Door’s service-oriented community and help housebound seniors and people living with disabilities by donating to our Stories of Strength campaign right now. Or join Kathleen and the many engaging volunteers with one of Store to Door’s flexible volunteer opportunities!