“What Store to door has added is another way of connecting the community,” Shelley, volunteer friendly caller and shopper, expresses. “That’s all it is. You step up, say yes, I can do that … So, all of your delivery drivers, your order takers…they’re all vital integral parts of this nonprofit.” 

Now is the time to join Shelley in stepping up to support your neighbors who need you. Today is the final day of our campaign—will you commit to a one-time or recurring gift today?

Shelley is a dynamic and highly engaged person, who, like many in our community, has a plethora of hobbies and interests. She plays piano, reads, and spends time working with different organizations to create community. Sitting still is not satisfying for Shelley. “I really value generating community and community response. So it’s not really a hobby, but it is a passion.” As a former Peace Corps volunteer and crew leader for Friends of Trees, Shelley’s passion for connecting people has impacted the Store to Door community directly. 

As a friendly caller and shopper, Shelley cultivates community for volunteers and affirms the value and presence of our clients. “Part of what Friday calls are is affirming the presence and that they can be in life of someone at the end of the phone,” Shelly explains. “My life is enriched.” 96% of volunteers reported volunteering enriched their sense of purpose in life. Incorporating service in many aspects of Shelly’s life is how she epitomizes dignity. 

“I am part of affirming the community. A community effort, and that if this is a unique organization to a, you know million people in this greater area.”

The need for connection continues to grow. The National Foundation Center estimates only 2% of American institutional philanthropy goes to aging programs. By 2025, local census data predicts at least 3,500 more people in S2D’s service area will be eligible for services.

Now it is your turn! Donate now to our Stories of Strength summer fundraising campaign and start your own story of strength.